• In 2017, I injured a knee. MRI showed a torn meniscus and cartilage damage (Grade 4). Dr Sweet scoped my knee in Dec 2017. The surgical procedure helped significantly, but I still had pain in the knee which was slowing me down.

    In April, I received my first PRP injection at Dr Sweet’s office. I noticed significant improvement within a week. My knee has continued to gradually improve since the injection. Right now, I’m pain-free (no icing or meds) with the normal daily routines. I’m happy with the procedure/injection.

    - Roger W.


  • I have been seeing Dr. Sweet and I must say he is just like his name. Soft spoken, mellow, knowledgeable, understanding and a very good listener. I am very happy with my visits with him. Highly recommended!

    - Angela S


  • Very happy with how my appointment with Dr. Sweet went. Not only did the doctor actually listen to my problems but I walked out with solutions to my problems in that same appointment. He is very efficient and cares about his patients. The office staff was also very nice and friendly. Thanks again Dr. Sweet!

    - Jessica N